Patient Testimonials

“I have struggled with thyroid issues for 10 years, suffering from Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. I had been working with my general physician for years monitoring my blood levels. In the winter of 2015 I felt so tired, and after several appointments with my physician, I had almost started to believe that my lack of energy and feelings of sadness were due to a hectic life of work and kids. I had practically given up on ever finding an answer, until I began seeing Dr. Brown for some joint issues I was experiencing as well. Dr. Brown was adjusting my neck and had performed an overall scan of the neck area, when he mentioned that the thyroid seemed enlarged to the touch, and suggested that it get looked at by a specialist. That second opinion was all I needed to keep working on my health and to seek out a second diagnosis for my Thyroid. Thanks to Dr. Brown taking the time and paying attention to my entire body, I was able to get a referral to an endocrinologist who knew immediately how to adjust my thyroid medication for the biggest benefit. I am feeling like myself again, and have the energy to have fun and enjoy my life to the fullest. Thank you Dr. Brown for taking the time to understand my entire body and helping me find the right diagnosis for my condition.”

Kelly T. from Perrysburg, OH

“I have complete trust in Dr. Brown. I have been seeing him for the past ten years and been amazed of how he has helped me with my assorted issues. Thank you to him and his staff.”

M. Allan

“I was having problems with my sciatic nerve. I couldnt stand, sit or lay down. Made an appointment too be looked at. After three visits making tremendous progress and I feel great. The staff is professional and friendly. I would recommend this place too everyone.”

R. Rodriguez

“Dr. Brown is one of the most caring Drs I have ever met. He not only treats adults but infants and young children too. I’ve seen the results of him caring for my infant grandson! Wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it first hand. Thanks Dr Brown!”

Karen (Health Grades)

“Dr. Brown is so wonderful! My 12 year old son is a cancer survivor and has been having problem due to complications from his bone marrow transplant. The process is a slow process but we have seen such amazing progress in the past couple of weeks and our son is so excited with the progress and how far he has come all thanks to Dr. Brown! Blessings to you and we will be forever grateful!”

T. Carman